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Originally Posted by mariecon View Post
But I still believe every time he and Murray play it's all on his racquet. If Federer has his A Game, Murray's in trouble.
I think that (i.e. your first sentence) was true at the beginning of their match-up, but not so much anymore. When Federer went down 2-6 to Murray, he would usually start out by winning the first set and then dropping the next two in a blaze of unforced errors. Credit to Murray, of course, who never went away and kept getting balls back. More recently, though, Murray's gotten more aggressive and most of their recent meetings have been in straight sets, regardless of the winner. If Murray comes out swinging like at the Olympics, Federer's gotta be on his top game to have a chance, otherwise he loses, and vice versa. The Wimbledon final is the only recent match where I think both were playing at or near their best.
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