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Originally Posted by rajah84 View Post
The h2h is misleading. Novak lost a few of those early in his career. I still think a prime Novak defeats a prime Fed on the average. Novak is mentally stonger and Rog would fold under the pressue which Djokovic is more immune to. It's not always about the game.
Prime Federer beat Djokovic three straight times at the U.S. Open for the loss of just one set. After his level dropped, he still had match points in his two U.S. Open losses to Djokovic. I've no doubt that at the U.S. Open, prime Federer would beat prime Djokovic more often than not.

Way past his prime Federer beat Djokovic at Wimbledon just last year. I've no doubt that prime Federer would beat prime Djokovic at Wimbledon more often than not, possibly never losing to him.

A not-quite-as-far-past-his-prime Federer beat Djokovic at the French in 2011. This would probably be a really good match-up if they were both at their respective peaks at the same time. I think they're both of a similar level on clay and their games match up well. I imagine they'd split the meetings about 50-50.

So the only slam where Djokovic would beat prime Federer "on the average" would be the Australian Open, where he is king.
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