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Originally Posted by dizzlmcwizzl View Post
My personal favorite is a backhand drive down the line for a clean winner.

I don't care where the opponent is as long as their shoulders slump as they realize I have just beaten then with my 9th best shot.
That's my favourite too. Except it's my best shot.

It's one of the best things about being a 3.0 - everyone always hits to your backhand because they've been taught it's the weaker side. For me it's my stronger side, so I get to practice this shot a lot. And then just when I've got them thinking I'm always going to go up the line, I'll send one cross court. Make a pattern, break a pattern.

My second favourite is the return winner. My serve sucks so bad, that I learned early on to develop a good return. The best compliment I got was after a rec match (mixed doubles, all probably around the 6.0 range) when my male opponent told me he couldn't figure out where to serve to me because I nailed forehand and backhand returns.
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