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Originally Posted by OddJack View Post
Yeah yeah yeah, he's good, with all the stats, the 2011 season and all that.

No Nadal, only Old Fed who used to stop him in majors...

I know he won majors when Nadal and Fed were around, but they are both past their primes now and for the next 10 majors there will be no real rival for him.

Murray has only recently has made a move and even now its obvious he cant keep up with him physically.

If he swipes the majors this year it's because of a perfect timing when a weak era has emerged.
Yep. Djokovic won most of his slams when Fedal were past it.

If he had kept on winning them regularly since 2008 I would have been more impressed.

Originally Posted by GoodVibrations View Post
I love that Murray suddenly "just isn't good enough" when about 40% of this board predicted that he'd win the AO.
We found out Murray's fitness is questionable. Nadal in 2009 and Djokovic in 2012 did what he couldn't do yesterday. Win the AO after a long SF. Murray's stamina and endurance is a big question mark. If he is going to be exhausted after playing 5 setters in the sf, then he will struggle to win like Djokovic does.... ADV Djokovic.

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