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Originally Posted by Fedex View Post
I'm surprised at you Steve. You should recognise that the OP is just another sad bitter person with a massive chip on his shoulder spewing garbage and filth.
He's just another idiot who needs to be ignored apart from telling him that he's another very sad individual who needs to get a life.
Can you really not see where the OP is coming from? Blind prejudice and hate which you are encouraging.
If he wants to get into a debate about the west, evil empire, possibly he's a Serb bitter at NATO's involvement in Yugoslavia then that is a completely different other debate not for him to take out his extreme hatred on a tennis forum.
I was only partly agreeing with the premise that Murray, although he can compete with the top guys and win, achievements wise he is not there yet, so I can see why someone would say what the OP said in regards to their levels. None of that "western world" stuff. That's garbage I agree.

Murray can compete with the other top 3 and win. He's on their level in that sense, but he doesn't yet have that "aura" of invincibility that comes with straight up accomplishments for lack of a better term. In simple terms, I think the other 3 have done enough to make an opposing player believe that they have almost no chance when they walk out on court, but I think Murray is still a little susceptible in most opponents eyes. But to his credit he's coming along in time.

I'll try to say to you exactly what I said to batz. Federer is Federer and Nadal is Nadal. No words are needed because accomplishments speak for themselves. Djokovic had his 41-0 start where he looked invincible and has since backed it up, but Murray, as great as he is (and he is great) doesn't yet have an accomplishment like Djokovic's or the resume in the range of a Federer or Nadal (not many players do). This is all barring of course very subjective competition arguments. None of that other stuff. Sorry if I offended you because it was not my intention.

That's my position on Murray. He's a part of the "big 4" today. I don't separate Murray from the other 3, but historically he's not up there. At least not yet. Batz can vouch for my consistency.

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