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Originally Posted by Rgroves View Post
Thanks, been using the Pro One for 2 weeks and having trouble getting the right feel. I'm coming from 20 years with the Wilson PS 85/Tour 90 leaded to 13.5 oz. I always strung the Wilsons with Gosen OG 17 between 58 & 62 and haven't played much for the last 4 years.

I'm getting older, I'm not Sampras, and even Sampras doesn't play with that thing anymore. Roman convinced me to try the Donnays and for the most part I'm liking it. I'm adjusting to the lighter weight, but played in a tourney last week and was amazed how much spin the younger guys were creating. First string jobs were with multi mains 55 and poly crosses 52. Multi breaks after about 3.5 hours - poly chews through it. With this set up felt just sort of meh - I know poly isn't going to have the crispness of the syn gut but I'm searching and I need access to some more spin to compete. I have to get both restrung, do you have a suggestion for full poly?
How about a brand at 50 lbs?
What about these super low tensions at 35?
Do you do stringing? If not I'll take them to RPNY.
Multi mains w/ poly crosses is not a recommended setup for spin. You need to reverse it and use something a little harder and slicker for the crosses. Multi's are too soft and gummy and don't allow the poly to slide.

I would suggest a copoly / syngut hybrid. One of my fav's is Prince Beast 17g / Babalot Nvy 17 at 52/54.
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