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Problem is not the top 4. Top 4 are as good now as in any other generation. The problem is the depth of field. At this point the top 4 might as well start every slam from the Semis. Fed is getting older so he’s more at risk but you get the point. Back in the 90s you could actually get some rough first round matches and get booted out early. Top 10 could be all Slam winners. Top 20 were all dangerous. More aggressive play style and faster courts meant a lot more unpredictable matches. The slower the court, the more predictable the match is. It’s like MMA. Heavyweights will always be more unpredictable due to their power. Even a total mismatch could end in one lucky shot. The lighter weight you are the less likely one lucky shot will end a fight so the best fighter usually always wins. Some people like this, for me, I find it boring and uninteresting. I like excitement to my sport, not a math formula where the match is so predictable it’s not even worth playing.
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