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Originally Posted by mariecon View Post
But you also have to take into account the draw and the fact that Federer had just played a very tough 5 setter against Tsonga. Murray coasted up to the SF. I'm not saying there should be an asterisk, just that if the draws were equal and both of them had only played 3 setters leading up to their match against similar opponents, Federer would have won. That's just my opinion. If you look at how Murray played against Djokovic, who is the same age as him, after playing a tough 5 setter against Federer you have to admit that the SF took something out of Murray, just as the QF took something out of Federer.
Well, of course it's harder to recover from a fiver-setter than a three-setter, but that's Federer's job. If his fitness isn't good enough to do so, then he doesn't deserve to win. It's like all those people complaining about Federer's win over Nadal in Madrid 2009 because of the four-hour semifinal. If Nadal wanted to win the title, he should've gotten through his draw more efficiently.
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