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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
Multi mains w/ poly crosses is not a recommended setup for spin. You need to reverse it and use something a little harder and slicker for the crosses. Multi's are too soft and gummy and don't allow the poly to slide.

I would suggest a copoly / syngut hybrid. One of my fav's is Prince Beast 17g / Babalot Nvy 17 at 52/54.
agree with JackB here. I play Solinco Tour Bite / Solinco Barb Wire combo but that is both poly.

I am partial to the Donnay X-Micron for hybrid purposes. Very soft and good durability for its type of string. If you have some tour bite, try that on the mains with something similar to that on a cross and you should be good to go. don't be afraid to try a full bed of a good co-poly either
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