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Originally Posted by powerangle View Post
If Murray is in a different universe from Djokovic, then Djokovic is in a different universe from Fedal (and Nadal quite a ways behind Federer). It's all relative. Why don't you say that Djokovic doesn't belong with Fed and Rafa then??

The Big 4 is being mentioned because their peak levels are way above the rest of the tour, they are all slam champs, and they are contesting in the big matches on the big stages. Murray is included because there is an obvious bar between Fedaljkovicray and the rest of the tour. If you want to raise the bar and separate Fed/Nadal/Djoko from Murray, then go for it. But then why not raise the bar again to separate Fedal from Djokovic? Or raise it yet again to separate Federer from all others?? Why do you conveniently draw the line so as to include Fed, Rafa, Novak and to exclude Andy?

Besides, sometimes the "Top 3" is mentioned as well, when the commentators/media/fans wants to exclude Murray anyway. You hear "Big 4" the most, but sometimes you hear "Big/Top 3" as well.
I agree, although I don't think I would separate Federer from all others, but I understand you are only saying this to respond to another poster. I would draw the line as you would at separating Fedal from Djokovic. I think Federer and Nadal are on the same level simply because there are not that many people with say 10+ slams anyway, regardless of how many Fed leads Nadal by. Then if we are just talking about current players, Djokovic goes a level below them, and Murray a level below Djokovic. Obviously this is on an accomplishments/historical scale.
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