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Originally Posted by President View Post
The serve is the most important shot in the game. least for amateur players. At the rec level until 5.0 or maybe even 5.5, you are never going to see a really good serve. Yeah if you have a horrendously bad serve it can be a big weakness but against good players I think the amount of free points one can get is vastly overstated for rec players. As long as your serve is serviceable I think time would be better spent working on groundstrokes or specifically returns.
I agree with this to a point. I thing once you get to 4.5 level, the serve now becomes a weapon. At 3.5 level...for sure, you can win without a big serve. I think what's more key at rec levels is to have a decent 2nd serve that can't be crushed and not to double fault a lot. I am still amazed at how many guys have a god awful 2nd serve even at the 4.0 level, but can get away with it and still win a lot.
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