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No problem Steve. I know you're a good bloke.
What I'm saying is maybe look out for the real intent and motivation behind certain posters.
You can usually tell when someone's just having a laugh or just a bit mad, and you can indulge in good natured banter.
Certain other posters have genuine hate, prejudice and even racist undertones.
Their sole intent is to bring people down and take no pleasure in positive discussions and debate.
I hope the mods recognise who they are and do something about it because these people are using TW as a platform for hate, wrecking the forum and turning genuinely decent well informed posters off.
A lot of good people don't bother with TW anymore because the site has been so hijacked with hate.
If it continues, I'll join them and be off for good.
It's not fun anymore wasting time having useless arguments and reading the bile filled posts of bigots.
I love John Isner
Deal with it

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