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Originally Posted by DeShaun View Post
After Kvitova won Wimby she was widely proclaimed to be the next big thing. Her ball striking was sweet but she never had enough fire in her eyes to take over and retain number 1. Enter Vika...while playing Serena in the USO in 2011 I believe, Vika caught my eye. She was the only girl since Henin to actually stand up to Serena on that feral level on which Serena likes to intimidate opponents. Justine in her own way used to stare back at Serena on this same animalistic level, but there were no other women with balls enough to even try UNTIL Vika showed up. I did not know then (2011) whether Vika had the game to overtake Woz but I knew she had the fire to stand up to Serena.
Yes right. Just like she stood up to her in the USO final last year right? Gimme a break. Azarenka is just as intimidated by Serena as the rest of them are. She just masks it with her wailing and fist pumping like Sharapova does.
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