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Originally Posted by dizzlmcwizzl View Post
I am sure that the other team knew they would only be winning 1 singles court so they took the sure thing and played their best player at line 2. In absence of a stacking rule this is good planning by the other captain. BY doing this periodically she places doubt in the minds of her future opponents where this star 3.0 woman will be lined up.
My team ended up winning the match 3-2. The singles player who played line 2 beat me twice two years ago so it wouldn't have been a stretch for them to think she could have beat me. As a captain of a 2.5 player who hasn't won a set at 3.0 I think she should be ashamed to play her player at line 1. How discouraging is that for the 2.5 player to get beat up every time she steps on a court and not even have a chance to win a set? I would never do that to one of my players.
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