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The lead danger is children eating it or breathing the dust.

It takes quite a long time for adults to get ill: visit the old lead mining towns in Wisconsin and you learn that miners---grown men working 10-12 hours a day down in the mine, breathing the stuff in, would take 6-8 months to start getting ill.

So you would need RADICAL OVEREXPOSURE to feel its toxicity.

Compare that to the health effects of eating a Big Mac each day for a month (much more deleterious).

A little personal note. As a kid I used to help my grandfather mold lead sinkers. He had a little gas stove in the basement, a small iron pot, and we'd melt the lead, then pour it into a mold. Fun. He died in his 80s---and surely he had more exposure to lead than you or I will in our life times.

Take things in stride. The "lead issue" was another Media Yap Day.
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