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Federer will most likely be gone at next year's Wimbledon.

At this point in any elite player's career, they are no longer playing for titles or trophies. They are playing only to set the perception of *how they will be remembered*. This is why these guys retire at or near the top.

The last thing anybody wants is for Federer to be around for 5 more years. Nobody wants the last memories of Federer on tour to be him getting ousted in the first rounds of grand slams by the likes of Raonic, Dolgopolov, and Dimitrov. I mean, really. It is only the sub-par, non-elite players who hang around forever.

And people who are hoping for Olympic gold from Federer need to give it up. There's absolutely no way. The best he'd get is bronze - if that. But I can't seem him playing in the Olympics. Does anyone really want the last memory of Federer to be watching him getting pummeled in the opening round(s)?
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