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Originally Posted by spot View Post
Ipster- you can write that letter but you should know that everyone will get a good laugh out of you. Just because you are under the misconception that the line number in USTA matters does not mean anything to anyone else.

Their captain has the duty to put out the best line for their team. If the 2.5 player complains about the result than that should be what the captain cares about- not what the opponents think they should have done with their lineup.
She didn't do a very good job for her team or her players. She lost the match. She is the one who is going to get the bad reputation. This is women's 3.0 tennis. We aren't getting paid. Tennis is supposed to be fun.

I've been a USTA captain for 3 years and I know stacking happens. If it happens within the same rating that is one thing but when you put a lower raated player at line 1 you are just being obnoxious and unfair to everyone who pays good money to play good competitive matches.
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