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Originally Posted by goober View Post
Wow suprised those 2 guys got 3 points off him and 2 of them looked like from return of serve errors? How good were these average joes? Would have been nice to have a behind view rather than a side view of the playing and to see full points.
behind view wouldve been tricky. filip was a bit too keen on aiming his warmup overheads at the camera crew to scare them before the tiebreak, so I didnt want to take any chances.

thierry is now a teaching pro (was ranked in the top 50 in Quebec in U1; he doesn't play matches that often anymore but still hits pretty well. I played high school in Norcal, hit often with ranked juniors and do an open tournament once in a while.

the fact that we were two on the same side probably made filip go for more on the return. if he floated one back we probably could have poached and put it away.

Wrote an accompanying article about the video here:

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