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Originally Posted by veroniquem View Post
I don't think Djoko would have needed 5 against Tsonga at AO. If anything, I suspect he would have had an easier time than he did vs Wawrinka who played like a man possessed. Tsonga would have probably taken a set off him tops. He would have had a tough semi vs Murray but then his final vs Fed would have been much easier than his final vs Nadal was last year. Sorry but currently at AO, the toughest possible combination a player could have is Murray/Nadal back to back. And Djoko got that last year. And he won.
Djoko also got the toughest possible combination at USO: Fed/Nadal. And he won too. And the toughest possible combination at WTF: Fed/Murray/Delpo and he won as well. So don't give me this nonsense about draws. The only time the draw defeated Djoko was on clay, RG last year where he failed to survive Fed/Nadal but beating Nadal at RG is probably the toughest ask in tennis history. Fed tried 5 times and failed.
LOL seriously

I do not even know where to begin...I think I will just have to leave this one alone.

PS: The silky way you bob and weave inciting certain reactions while avoiding follow-up contact, I know you are flaming. You are also very good at it.

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