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I don't use these strings but I have used multi, syn gut and gut mains with poly crosses.

You will get a livelier stringbed if you put the multi in the mains with RPM in the cross. A touch more power. Spin is debatable - some say gut/poly is the best spin setup and others like poly mains. My experience is poly mains give me a bit more spin and control, but it is close. My favorite setup is gut/poly but I have been using multi/poly or syn gut/poly as it is far less $.

If you baseline bash, you'll probably like the poly/multi. If you play all court tennis and come to net a lot, you'll probably like the multi/poly more. Volleys are much better with multi/poly or gut/poly.

Multi mains may break before you reach 14 hours of play while I never break poly - always the soft string snaps first for me.
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