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Originally Posted by FedFan17 View Post
I didn't realize the 2009 USO was such a popular fake. Here is one I've been looking at (click the pictures for bigger versions).

It seems to match up quite well with other pictures I've seen of the real one, but I can't find any close ups of authentic collar tags to see how they compare with this one.

The only things that stand out to me about this jacket is that it says "Made in China" and has some strange white-ish marks next to the Nike logo on the inside collar label.

What do you guys think? Does anyone happen to own the authentic version of this jacket that could chime in with their observations? Thanks!
If the price is good, buy it! Fake or not it couldnt be made much worse than Nike gear of recent. Also, it looks like a fine jacket with very soft materials. LIke I said, go for it
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