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Originally Posted by Steve Dykstra View Post
If health is your goal, you are probably better off alternating between the two (or more ideally among several healthy alternatives). If you eat only a handful of different foods, you are likely to have deficiencies of several nutrients in your body which can lead to problems.

Both Grape Nuts and Cheerios (and lots of other cereals) seem relatively healthy, but both offer differ different ingredients and nutrients. Your body functions best if you eat a large variety of healthy foods (especially lots of plants).

Other cereals to try are pretty much anything by Barbaras, Nature's Path, Kashi (popular, although I personally think most of it tastes like crap), Arrowhead Mills, Uncle Sam's, Ezekiel, etc. A good alternative if you have a few minutes extra time is steel cut oatmeal (I add in fresh berries, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a bit of brown sugar).
Originally Posted by loci View Post
go with oatmeal.
Of course, if the popular book "Wheat Belly" is be believed, ALL this stuff is horrible for you.
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