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Originally Posted by ga tennis View Post
Cheating happens on every level. God only knows how many pro men are doping(ATP is full of Armstrongs) College coaches break the rules. College players make terrible calls(I watched Georgia play Ohio State last year and the calls were ridiculous) Cheating is gonna happen!!! One thing i tell my daughter is you never lose a match because the other girl cheated and NEVER use that excuse just bring your targets in.
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Same here GA. We played a tournament last weekend. My girl lost in the finals to a 12 year old who was hooking many close calls. She was also as good a pusher as you will ever see. Never seen a kid who can block ball after ball back, match after match, and never take a full swing at the ball!

Afterwards, no excuses.....we just go back to work learning how to deal with kids who cheat on the line calls and deal with pushers. In the end the experience will be helpful.
GA and TCF - This is exactly what parents or coaches should tell our kids! Cheaters wanted to use bad calls as an easy way to disrupt your rhythm, make you lose focus and get upset, and forget how to think and how to play your best.... Screaming, cursing, name calling, faking injury, taking long bathroom break, delaying game etc are the same tactics that cheaters use to get into your mind. So learning how to deal with cheaters is perhaps the most important aspect of improving mental toughness.
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