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Originally Posted by ace0001a View Post
Nice...I could never get myself to peel away the grip but based on the education we all get here, I simply figured a custom urethane mold had to be done for Andre on is Radicals.

Also going with the knowlege we all know and have learned, I would venture to guess that there is lead under the bumper and either lead or silicone in the handle...but as we can see lead right there at the top of the handle.
With an actually autographed tournagrip, I don't blame you at all. Curiosity just got the better of me, especially since it's still new enough to raise a dissenting voice if something was "off" about the racquet.

As to the additional silicone/lead, that an interesting point. I found an old post by VS specifying an unstrung weight of 11.3 oz for the unstrung Trisys 260 OS. So 320 grams, plus another 15-20 grams for strings, and the weight of the throat based lead - not sure there is room for much additional weight. That of course is presuming that the AA racquets are indeed weighted similarly to the old Trisys 260 OS, and didn't come from a lighter hairpin (like the PT57 relative to the PT630).
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