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Originally Posted by coaching32yrs View Post
Ga: I saw the same thing in an Ivy match in the fall. Couldn't believe it. One coach went bonkers, screaming at other coach during match. Match was officiated, but player hooked on sideline opposite referee, so couldn't overrule. Ivy League smart.
Would you please provide more details? Which Ivy team was bad in calls? My son wants to play for an Ivy team. We will try to stay away from coaches who supported cheating.

Also I am not sure if umpires are required to have annual version exam. I watched a match at a non-sanctioned $50,000 pro event. The umpire, in his 70s, did not overrule or confirm any of the calls that were questioned. At least half of these calls were clearly bad. Luckily most umpires I have seen are pretty good and fair.
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