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Originally Posted by DeShaun View Post
No. Not what I saw. Vika was the first girl since Justine not to flinch before Serena's bullying. You can say your truth based on what you have experienced, and my memory may not be perfect, but I am quite certain that during that one match I speak of between those two in Flushing in, I believe it was, 2011, Vika held her ground on some primal level unlike any woman had against Serena for a long time. Vika reminds me of a tomboy/female jock/very tough Belarusian country girl with high testosterone levels for a woman, and I do not believe that she fears Serena in the way that I suspect Serena tries to make opponents fearful of her.
Well to each his/her own. But nothing masks the fact that even if she isn't intimidated by Serena she still has a terrible record against her.
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