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Originally Posted by KenC View Post
Thinking outside the box for a moment here. Most of what people are buying smartphones for can be better done by a tablet. What are the real uses for a smartphone if one already has a tablet? I say get a 10" tablet for your portable computing needs and then watch your smartphone needs change drastically.

The Galaxy Note 2 tries to bridge the two needs but is not as comfortable as a tablet and not as comfortable as a phone either. Most typical smartphones are not very good at being tablets either.
IMHO -It will only work if you want to carry around a tablet all the time. A 10 inch tablet is kind of big for the times when you just need to run out quickly without a bag or carrying something in your hands. At least with a 7-inch you might be able to stuff it in a jacket.

But even at that, you've doubled the number of devices your are carrying and you need to decide if you want to layout the extra cash for a data plan for your tablet.

I think most the things people use their phone for work for the most part even with the trade-off (more mobile, but maybe a little harder to use) - text, quick check email, mapping, quick internet check/search, music, podcast.

Would be interesting to see what would happen if they started adding phone functionality to tablets and linking to a headset.
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