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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
Dan, I appreciated those performers but I just can't appreciate Haydn's ice-cold music, a music without any deeper emotions.....
"Deeper emotions"? If you listen to Furtwangler or Karajan conduct Haydn, you will hear not only emotions, but a profound spirituality, something more significant than mere emotions. The greatest composers attempted to reveal spitiyual realities, this was true not just of Bach and Handel, but also Haydn (the Masses, Creation, the Seasons, Seven Last Words of Christ), Mozart (Requiem, Mass in C Minor, Zauberflote, other sacred works).
Did you know that Mozart accepted a position as church composer just before his death?
Beethoven wrote two great spiritual edifices, the Missa Solemnis and Ninth Symphony, as the culmination of his work.
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