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Originally Posted by urban View Post
PC 1, those equivalents of different eras are quite fascinating. I would compare Becker to Hoad in some ways (i remember Maskell saying something like that, when Becker played a junior final with Edberg), Sampras to Gonzalez (big weapon serve), Edberg to Patty (both had fine backhand volleys), Korda or Leconte to Laver (fine lefty backhands), Pernfors reminded me of Rosewall (i know double hander). From what i have read, Trabert was a hard working pro, great on clay, a bit like Courier, although Traberts backhand was his strong side.
Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post
Trabert had powerful groundstrokes, which were consistent enough to win four Roland Garros titles.
Trabert was similar to Becker, although Becker could not play clay.
Hoad was much faster and more agile than Becker, and had the ability to win on clay. A much greater range of weapons than Becker.
Becker is the closest comp to Trabert I know of. Thanks to both of you for your replies.

Urban I've often thought Korda and Leconte were similar to many ways to Laver. Laver of course was more consistent than either but all of them could hit streaks where they seemed unstoppable.

I would agree with both of you that Hoad was similar to Becker but as Dan wrote, had many more weapons.
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