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Originally Posted by Ipster View Post
I'm glad the team won the match. You hit the nail on the head understanding where I was coming from. I was frustrated because I've been working hard and hoping to improve my dynamic rating this year and this stuff just doesn't help.
Like I said earlier, this single match, especially early in the year, is not going to make or break your getting bumped at the end of the year. You did win 2 & 0 which even against a 2.5 (unless they are a low to mid 2.5) will be a decent result.

Just keep improving and play your best in matches, and your rating will take care of itself. If you really are a 3.5, your scores will indicate that regardless of who you play.

And I can sympathize with you too, I didn't like playing against two players playing up, but I did get bumped up at the end of that year so it didn't hurt me that much either.
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