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Originally Posted by sandiegoman View Post
My two handed bh has never been a weapon.... it's always so flat. I've been experimenting with a 1 hander and it's pretty fun. I get way more topspin and feel like I can rip it when I hit it right.

Has anyone switched recently?
Missed the question at the end.

My 17 year old son recently switched from 2hbh to 1hbh - about 4 months ago. His 2hbh was a good shot, but he wanted to try the 1hbh. He took to it very quickly. He adjusted his right hand grip from cont. to around an E. bh. When it's on, which is a lot of the time, he can hit hard, with lots of spin when he wants to, take short balls aggressively, and hit across high balls. He will have periods where he dumps 10 in a row into the net, and he overhits it some times. It's still a work in progress, but that's mostly a matter of him getting out to practice it. He can definitely rip it, which is the thing he really likes about it. He's also always been a very right handed person, not ambidextrous so much.
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