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Originally Posted by Mauvaise View Post
As a captain myself if I were to receive this email from an opposing team member (not even the opposing team captain), I would roll my eyes while laughing and forward it to my co-captain so she could laugh also. I doubt I would even reply to you. I might forward it to your captain and ask them to keep a tighter rein on their team members.
Sad to say it, OP, but +1.

The only tweak I would make to Mauvaise's remarks is that I might also forward the message to my entire team so everyone could have a good laugh.

An opponent has no right whatever to complain that an opposing player should be on a different court. I understand your frustration, but you are way out of line.

You don't know the reasons the captain had to put the 2.5 on S1 and for you to be this het up about it signals (as someone up-thread mentioned) a long season for you.
Yes, exactly. Perhaps their stronger player was nursing an injury and hoped to have an easier match on Court Two. Or maybe she is just afraid to play you. Or maybe the strong player was running late, captain wasn't sure she would arrive on time and put her on Court Two for that reason. Or maybe the stronger player is one of those people who gets a little nervous being on Court One, or the weak player wanted a challenge.

Honestly, I do not see why you would complain about having to face such a weak opponent. Did you double-bagel her? If not, then you could have played the match better.

I remember my last match at 3.5 singles. (I do not play singles much). The opponent was a 3.0 playing up, a friend. She has horrible strokes and horrible movement. No challenge for me at all. Still, beating her -0 and -1 was a good experience. I got practice dealing with a pusher, continuing to hit my strokes the way they should be hit despite the oddball stuff she was producing, and closing out a match I was supposed to win.

Next time, hide your disappointment not to have drawn a stronger opponent, beat your inferior opponent senseless, then rally with her and practice a few things.
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