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Originally Posted by BevelDevil View Post
As I've said before, it makes no sense to only use the index knuckle as a measure of grip. There's a huge difference between an Eastern with the heelpad on top vs. heel pad on the back bevel. Anyone who tries this can feel it.

Since I've stated all this recently, here's a link
When I explain grips, I used both the index knuckle and the heel pad... always. An eastern grip, in the sense that I intended to use the word and did use the word, fits very few hands positions only. Starting with bevel one on top, rotation toward your racket hand from 1 to 8, the eastern forehand is both of these references on the third bevel, period.

That's what I call a standard grip and that's how I have learnt them as well. When I talk about the eastern back, again, both references on the top of the racket (that's bevel number one).

Of course, there are huge problems with these names... as you lessen the grip size relative to the hand, it becomes nearly impossible to hold a standard grip at all. Federer and Nadal play with grips something like 2 grip size less than the conventional measure would advocate. Even by trying, they can't get their heel pad on the same bevel as their index finger.

I personally use one grip size less and replaced the grip with two very thing overgrips... I have long fingers and that's small for me: unless the racket is at a ridiculous angle in my hand, I can't get to fit the standard I have wrote down myself.
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