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I would definitely try the Pacific X Feel Tour.

I recently demoed that racquet. Huge sweetspot, easy access to spin, good power, excellent control. However, what I liked most, was the plush, buttery feeling, it felt like a natural extension of the arm.

I have played with many modern frames thus far, and while I have always liked the easy power and spin I am getting from these sticks, I am reluctant to get used to their somewhat muted feel, or the total lack of feel. Also, power is sometimes difficult to tame, I need to add lots of topspin and shorten my swing, which is unpleasantly distracting me from my game, especially in tight match situations.

Not so with the X Feel Tour! I could literally “feel” the ball on the stringbed, and easily place the ball exactly where I wanted to. More than other racquets, the X Feel Tour enabled me to send my opponents left-to-right from one corner of the court to the other. The great directional control was fun and gave me a lot of confidence while hitting. Also, I felt that I couldn’t hit long no matter how hard I hit. With a big swing, the Pacific hit a very nice flat shot that bullets across the court.

I think the X Feel Tour is a very interesting frame since it stands out due to its flex. It may be tempting to compare it with the Prince EXO3 Tour 100, but I find the Pacific X Feel Tour much more stable, controllable and definitely more powerful. It rather hits like the stiffer 100 sq. inch tweener racquets from Babolat, Head, Wilson (Pure Drives, Aero Pro Drives, Extremes, Speeds, Juices, etc.), but with more flex, more controllable power and a way better feel.

P.S:: Soon there will be a new 2013 version with improved Basalt materials called "Pacific BX2 X Feel Tour". In Europe this model is already available and I guess it will soon be released in the United States as well.
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