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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
FWIW, I think USTA should make a national rule change to deal with this.

The change should simply be that no lower-rated player may play on a higher court than a higher-rated player. For doubles, the combined rating of a pair on a higher court cannot be lower than the combined rating of a pair on a lower court.

The current rule about defaulting from the bottom would be discarded. 'Cause it is pointless and stupid.

This rule change would be so great. It would increase the chance that players would have competitive matches.

I remember a time when I was playing 6.5 combo, Court One. Opposing team fielded two 3.5 players, two 3.0 players and two 2.5 players. They put the two 2.5 players onto Court One against me (3.5) and my partner (3.0). We destroyed them, and it wasn't any fun.

Under the rule I propose, their captain would have lots of line-up options, but the one option that would be illegal would be a 5.0 pair on Court One and two 6.5 pairs on Courts Two and Three.
I don't really understand why this isn't the rule anyway. I might be in the minority here, but surely tennis at our level is about having competitive matches, not about "winning as a team"? It's actually laughable the amount of thought that seems to go into these things. Like it's the Davis Cup or something.
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