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Originally Posted by Ipster View Post
Wow...nice. I am going to play up this year. Guess you didn't read the part about how I've been working hard to get better and that is why this was frustating?
A word of encouragement (well, I hope it will read like encouragement).

I started as a 2.5. I am now a 4.0. I have captained continuously since 2006.

One of my pet peeves as a captain is what I will call "rating ambitiousness." Most of my tennis pals are 4.0, but a few remain 3.5s. They have as a goal getting a 4.0C rating.

As a result, they complain about weird things. "I had to play someone who was playing up -- that's not gonna help me get to 4.0!" "I don't want to play Court Three, it won't help me get to 4.0!" "I don't want a weak partner, I'm trying to get to 4.0!" "I don't want to play combo because combo doesn't count toward my rating and I want to get to 4.0!"

Good lord. Stop worrying about the computer and just work on your game play with whatever opponent or partner shows up. There is no way to "trick" the computer into moving you up other than winning matches at your level convincingly or being truly competitive at the next level. And if you do move up before your game genuinely justifies it, you will be miserable and will get bumped back down anyway.

If the ladies spent as much time working on their game as trying to game the computer, they would play better tennis. Isn't that what the journey is all about?
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