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Chas_Tennis.....i'm a big fan of "if it hurts, don't do it. If it doesn't hurt, chances are doing it is ok."

If I just went out and did light hitting on the court with no overhead motions, then I don't think I would've made anything worse. But honestly, I'm neither that bright nor disciplined. I love the game and love to compete. I knew a surgery was coming so I kept playing my ladder matches and would go after shots I should've let pass.

How should a person interact with their physician? If you suspect you have an injury you should consult with a qualified physician promptly and follow their advice. Do not engage in any movements or activities that provoke pain.

I did most of that, but would occasionally reach for a shot I shouldn't have, or toss my serve more upright than I should've. Just HATED serving side armed.

Basically, try to use a bit more common sense than I did. But I'll tell you what. The last match I played, the one where I felt the shoulder pop? After it popped I KNEW I was done. But it was the second set against a guy I had never beaten. And I REALLY wanted to beat him. So I kept playing, lol. And actually played pretty well. Looking back on it, I'm not sure how the shoulder kept functioning. Must've been adrenaline. In fact, on match point, I was up 40-15, served him wide in the deuce court, rushed the net, took his return and hit a sharp cross court volley for a clean winner. Man that felt good. I've been living off that match and shot for a few months now.

When I got home I iced the shoulder down, figured "well maybe I just tweaked it". When I was done icing it I couldn't lift it over my shoulder, was completely useless with what doctors call "the big sign that you have an issue" painful popping and a feeling of significant instability.

But I won, dammit!
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