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Get a Stringway dropweight with 2 action gliding clamps and a brake.

It is built like a tank. Mine is 6 yrs old and as good as new.

It is constant pull.

It pulls correct tension at any angle. You don't have to worry about dropping the tension arm to parallel with ground. Any angle is spot on tension. This is one of the main reasons I bought this machine.

It is drop weight. Cranks have springs which deteriate with time. Electrics have motors which deteriate with time. Drop weight has heavy metal and gravity which do not deteriate with time.

It has a very good 5 point mounting system. I like it but a some of the expensive floating mount systems 6 point may be a little better.

It has outstanding clamps - built like a tank. The only drawback is they can be a little bulky.

Get the brake as it is needed for the crappy prince o ports if you plan to own or string the crappy prince o port rackets.

I bought a tool stand and it works well as it is a good height and the machine fits nicely. $50 bucks for the stand. I may invest in a rolling stand with cabinets and drawers so I can store all my string and tools in one unit in the future.

LaSerFibre offers similar features but they are a crappy company - they may take your money and never deliver or deliver something different than you ordered or be so slow with deliver that they irritate the heck out of you. LaSerFibre = good products = crappy customer service.

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