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Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
Yes but I though peak Fed is supposed to be an unstoppable force that nobody has a chance against "off clay". So explain how an unseeded Haas was able to push Roger to 5 sets? And explain how an old cripple Agassi was able to do it on Roger's best surface?
yeah, only haas/agassi didn't get that close in the final sets or to beating him at any stage ......

falla was serving for it (he could've won it in 3 ! ) and benneteau was 2 points away from it several times in the 4th set ... if you think the 2 sets of players/circumstances are remotely comparable, you're thicker than I even thought before and that's saying something ...

Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
So Agassi's spine defect went away for the 2004 USO. He must've asked it nicely...

As for Guga, he wasn't at his peak, yet still belted peak Federer. And this was after his hip injury. Face it Fed got belted by a crippled Guga.
agassi wasn't having any injury problems as such in that time and was playing darn well ....but then again, you wouldn't know ...

kuerten wasn't at his peak, I've already said that, but he played an awesome match .... that happens >> but then you wouldn't know because you have near zero knowledge of tennis apart from rafa ...

Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
And yeah that's not because Berdych has got better. He's been making slam semi's and quarters from 04-07 as well hasn't he? I believe he even made a mystical slam final somewhere in that period.

Berdych showed his potential in that 04 match, but as a youngster (and as all youngsters really) he struggled to consistently play at that level which is why peak Fed was beating him.

Since Berdych had got better he has had MUCH more success against Fed. Fed was 29 in 2010 WIM FAR from being too old lol.
fed wasn't just narrowly beating him before 2009, berdych was barely getting sets off him .....fed was playing terrible in wim 10 as a whole and played a terrible match in USO 2012, which was the main reason for the loss ...

Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
LOL why you keep cacking on about Agassi? Where did I ever say Rafa was a better returner than Agassi on HC? Point it out. All I said was his percentages are close... and they are which goes to show Rafa isn't as bad a returner on HC as you say.
yeah and what I said is that the %s being close is a misleading thing given :

1. agassi played quite a bit more on fast HC
2. agassi's slump years are covered, nadal's decline years are not

Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
Rubbish, ALL surfaces must be counted to deem one player a better returner or not. Face it Rafa's overall return stats are better than Hewitt's, which in turn means he is a better returner. Unless you would like to isolate Fed's results and call Rafa the greatest of all time because he does so much better on clay. You can't have it both ways.

Also, Hewitt's played about 100 more HC matches than Rafa, and his best results have come in IW where he won twice IIRC. In fact he has never won in Canada and only got to the quarters once. Hewitt has only made it to 6 HC Masters finals and Rafa has made it to 11 and is probably going to make it to more. Hewitt's results are therefore inflated because he got knocked out in earlier rounds...
that bold part made me LOL big time , bwahahaha ........ of course, it couldn't have anything to do with the fact that rafa is better off the ground, could it ?

Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
Yes Rafa did have a lot of trouble against 2011 Novak. But unlike you, I don't become a Novak hater, instead I admire his hard work and achievements. But it must be said since 2011, Nadal has beat Djoker 3 times which is the same amount as Fed despite playing the same amount of matches against him in that time period. In fact Novak only beat Rafa comfortably in 4 matches (2 clay Masters 2011 and WIM + USO 2011) whereas Novak beat Fed comfortably in 5 matches (RG2012 + AO2011 + Rome2012 + IW2011 + DUbai2011)

So saying Rafa had more trouble is once again false from your part.
eh , what ? since 2011,

fed-djoker is 2-3 in slams, rafa-djoker is 1-3 in slams

fed beat him @ RG on clay in 2011, when rafa was struggling to get a set off him on clay ..

fed beat him @ wimbledon in 2012, while rafa lost to him in 2011 ...

fed had MPs vs him @ the USO, while rafa had to make a big struggle to get one set ...

only +ves in rafa's favour are his battle vs a clearly inferior djoker (to 2011 ) in 2012 ..... and his win @ RG in 2012 ....

this is past his prime fed vs prime rafa ...

and like I've said before, I don't hate rafa ..... I'm just putting a check on your clueless biased thoughts here ...
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