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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
I started out as a junior with a 2 handed backhand but I wanted more spin. So I played with a 1 hander for most of my adult life until injuries forced me back to a 2 hander last summer. Yes it is flatter but there are certainly advantages and disadvantages to both.
For some reasons, I am wondering exactly what your grip looked like back then. I know it was less conservative than most players, but I'd like to see what it was like.

As to answer OP here, I switched back and forth a few times. When the shot is grooved, it's not a problem hitting it... it's a shot like any other, actually.

BevilDevil highlighted people's tendency to fool around with their wrists on a thread I started about one handed backhands. He's right about it being an issue: many players do this on either side of their body, trying to give it a little extra. The problem is that, while you can rotate your wrist at contact( pronation or supination, depending on the stroke), you can't play around with flexions and extensions without messing up. It's not the only thing amateurs do not do properly... it's seems like the common perception of this stroke being "so hard" to learn and play stems from how they learn it.
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