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=Player#1;6209249]Still haven't been able to find the exact specs for the Sting Larghead:

stiffness, beam width, weight, balance. (Are the frames solid all the way through or are they hollow? Is it a deadened feel or is there a lot of feedback when you hit the ball?)

I'm also interested in knowing how the Sting and the Pro Staff largehead racquets play. It looks like either would be able to rival the best modern frames.
I want to know the specs on the Sting Largehead, too - weight, balance, stiffness, swingweight. Plus, how should I string it? Sometimes I use a Graphite matrix at 50 (syn gut, rec. tension 55-65), but it's an 85 sqin. How's the power level of the sting comparing to modern racquets?
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