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Originally Posted by ga tennis View Post
My position is people cheat on all levels. So what its part of life. Its not gonna change so deal with it and dont use it as an excuse if you lose. Do you understand my train of thought?
Like I said before, the number of parents and kids using it as an excuse vastly outweighs the actual cheating.

In our tournament, 3 girls lost to the 'cheater'. In my kid's match, she lost 3 points. In the other 2 girl's matches they lost what they said were 2-3 points.

Both the other girls and their parents went on and on about how the REASON they lost was cheating. My girl and I just politely listened.

On the way home we both talked about the real reasons she lost.....forgot to move in on the 2nd serve about half the time.....played a tall pusher with long arms and grew impatient and went for ridiculous winners too much....allowed the cheated points to bother her. She is now empowered to do better the next time.

I think the blatant cheating where a kid is literally robbed of a match is very rare. And in those cases, not much to do but keep asking for an official.
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