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Serve and Volley

I am looking for feedback on my serve and volley technique. Please be as helpful as you can. Further explanation below.

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I have been working on my singles game because this year the USTA has instituted singles lines for 40+ players. While singles is not my strength I figure that might happen occasionally this year so I should prepare.

I am playing a middle level 4.0. He is 52 years old and is a hot ticket on the 40+ singles tour. He is very quick but rarely comes to the net. His ground strokes are all flat and hard ... so he often varies from hitting unreturnable shots when he is in rhythm to missing badly when he is not.

I am a 4.5 primarily doubles player so this is more practice than challenge. I ended up beating him 6-3, 6-0.

Of the 44 points I approached the net I won 32. On 16 of the 44 points he could not return my serve in play. I moved those points to the back of the video since they are less interesting.

Of the 28 returns he got into play when I came to the net, I won 16 and he won 12. Those points are all in the front of the video.
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