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I'm sorry but the courts ARE too slow. Shots that should be winners are being retrieved and it's not because these guys are so much better than anyone that has ever played.

Obviously I am not anywhere near the same level as these guys but they recently resurfaced the courts at my local college. They intentionally put in a slower surface, and by slower I mean incredibly slow. It's like 80 grit sand paper out there. Every other court I hit winners past anyone I play. Now, out of shape hacks can dig everything out and just send up moon balls. Playing there is not fun anymore, everyone hates it.

I felt the same way watching these guys smoke shots up the line but then watch either one of them slide and smack one back. There is no reward for going for it anymore.

There is a certain balance that needs to be achieved. I always thought we had it perfect before: Wimbledon, fast quick points, rewards moving forward. French, so we could get our fix of grinding baseline tennis. US and Aussie Open, somewhere in between.
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