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Originally Posted by Fearsome Forehand View Post
It should be noted that Head never changed the published specs of those frames with regard to their composition. I'm sure they continued to put the same nanogram of aramid fiber in each frame. You guys understand marketing, right? I'm don't think the Radical was ever represented as a twaron frame. Twin tube was the selling feature on those frames. (Although the final version was sold as not having twin tube construction.) The Pro Tour was a twaron frame as were some earlier rackets like the Electra.
Ok, I got your joke about marketing, and I can see that even Twaron could be something like what Graphine or Youtek is to us today (but who knows, Twaron could've been the great thing, people seem to love it). If they never changed the published specs, why do people think twaron is absent from the chinese frames? That's my understanding at least, but I could be reading the wrong things here... plus I read the original radical tour (bumblebee) didn't have twin tube, twin tube technology started in the zebra radical
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