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Originally Posted by Andyroo10567 View Post
Yeah... Replacement grips need to be replaced from time to time. Babolat Skin Feel grip held up for a long time for me.
Thanks. I bought some of the Skin Feel grips.

I alternate between liking a bigger or smaller grip. Sometimes I double the overgrip to build it up. When I do, I notice it forces me to hit with better form -- i.e. I really have to follow-through completely on a serve to spin it down in the court, instead of just wrist-snapping the ball down into the court. Ditto on ground strokes -- it forces me to really follow-through up and around my neck to bring it down. Yet, in a fast match, I get in a pinch and miss the ability to just whip the racquet in a pinch and make a shot....

Might just do 2 racquets with the Skin Feel wraps and use 2 thicker wraps for the other racquets to experiment a little....
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