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Good lord this old argument about stacking, AGAIN? Honestly OP if you think you are actually 3.5 level and this player struggled to win games at 3.0 to the extent they got bumped down to 2.5 then I'd worry more about why you dropped 2 games to them and focus on that.

I think another reason the USTA doesn't prohibit stacking is that if they didn't then the captain would be required to make a documented assessment of the relative strength of his players/teams when setting lineups which could lead to some hurt feelings. Since line 1 does not mean you are the best player or team the captain is let off the hook here.

My first match his season the opposing captain reverse ordered his #1 and #2 singles putting his self-rated 3.0 as #1 and his self-rated 3.5 as #2. His #1 got killed 1 and 0 but #2 won 4 and 0 over a decent computer-rated 3.5.

However, opposing captain has been around the block and entered the score for #2's match as 4 and 1 in an apparent attempt to avoid a strike but our captain was equally wise and challenged the score and got the actual score entered.

FWIW, opposing team won the match 3-2 but because their #2 now has two 6-0 set wins this season (he got another the next week) he is in danger of his third strike and we might end up winning that match after all if he defaults.

Moral of the story is be careful when stacking self-rated players or it may come back to bite you in the butt.
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