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Originally Posted by spot View Post
Look at doubles lines and think about how you would order them. Lets say that there is an equal team where if both teams played straight up every line would be a coinflip.

1 vs 1 = coinflip
2 vs 2 = coinflip
3 vs 3 = coinflip

Instead one team decides to stack the lineup and dump line 1.

3 vs 1 = loss
1 vs 2 = win
2 vs 3 = win

Just trying to guarantee 2 wins for your team.

The fact that USTA goes by team wins in the regular season contributes to this since the team doesn't care if they lose 2 lines as long as they win the 3 others.
Thanks. So this is essentially what happened to the OP, right (she assumed she'd be playing the better player at line 1)?

I guess people will find ways to game whatever the system is. It's just funny to me that people that play tennis at a recreational level go happily along with this because they want their team to win, more than they want a competitive match.
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