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Originally Posted by justinmadison View Post
I am trying to follow your logic. College players make terrible calls, Cheating is gonna happen, etc.. Followed by “you never lose a match because the other girl cheated”. So from this train of thought … there are many people who cheat but it never makes a difference in who actually wins the match. So all cheating is ineffectual. The cheaters think it is helping them to win but never does. Is that your position?
We would never forget the player who made a bad call on the match point. Even getting umpire over and confirmation by two dozens of the spectators would not get that point reversed. However, the worst consequence of being cheated during a match is that our kids would lose control, focus, and ability to think and stops making good judgment... Our kids can grow their games to another level after learning how to deal with cheaters. A win over a cheater is so much sweeter!
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