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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
As a result, they complain about weird things. "I had to play someone who was playing up -- that's not gonna help me get to 4.0!" "I don't want to play Court Three, it won't help me get to 4.0!" "I don't want a weak partner, I'm trying to get to 4.0!" "I don't want to play combo because combo doesn't count toward my rating and I want to get to 4.0!"
I might change "weird" to "silly" As I know you know Cindy, none of these statements are really true. There is no match where the only possible result is your rating going down. If a player is that much better than the opponent(s), the score will indicate that.

That said, certain matches do present a greater opportunity to improve a rating and in general that is playing tougher opponents (quotes 1 and 2, although we know with stacking, court 3 isn't necessarily the weakest team). But an actually fallacy is that you need a strong partner to improve your rating (quote 3).

The truth is that you give yourself the greatest opportunity to improve your rating by playing with the weakest partner possible as the expected result is lower and thus there is more upside, and even a loss could improve the losing teams ratings. Playing with a strong partner can actually hurt your rating if you don't win by enough. Your ladies looking to get bumped up should be looking for the weakest partner that they can carry to a win and that will help both of them a lot.

Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Good lord. Stop worrying about the computer and just work on your game play with whatever opponent or partner shows up. There is no way to "trick" the computer into moving you up other than winning matches at your level convincingly or being truly competitive at the next level. And if you do move up before your game genuinely justifies it, you will be miserable and will get bumped back down anyway.
Now this is absolutely true. The primary thing anyone can control as far as the computer goes is the result of the match. Regardless of who you play or who you play with, your rating will be its highest if you improve your game and thus improve your results.
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